Collegiate and D South seasons back in action for 2013!

After a few nice weeks with friends and family for Winter Break, Penn Roller Hockey is BACK IN ACTION for the D South and PCRHL competitions at Marple Sports Arena.

For our D South league, Penn’s two teams (#SWAG and #YOLO) are both off to good starts after moving up a tier from E League. #SWAG is off to a solid 2-0 start with wins over Old State and Rasczaks’s Roughnecks, while #YOLO is coming off a tough loss to Horn Frogs after beating District 5 in Week 1. The sure-to-be-a-thriller #SWAG vs. #YOLO game is set for February 25th.

PCRHL is set to start this upcoming weekend, with Penn Tier 2 facing off against Ursinus and Penn Tier 1 readying for a University CIty showdown against Drexel.

Interested in learning more about Penn Club Roller Hockey or joining the team? Click on the “Contact Us” page!

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