Great Taste Game 2 summary: The Team Filth Follies

The lineup: GT came prepared yet slightly tardy. In improvement from game 1, Great Taste filled its bench and net before the drop of the puck. Pre-game drama included a mad dash for pucks and an official issuance of 2 demerits to Coach Karan-ji. In a related lineup note, Karan Shah has been placed benched by the team’s general management for the upcoming “Great Taste v. sister team Less Filling. Game two saw GT line up with 6 forwards and 5 defensemen. Defensive captain, Sumesh “the defensive captain” Sadarangani lead the defense…in assigning spots in the rotation. Frankie “So Cal” Warren, Michaela Flaherty, Vince Foring, and Brian “I no longer have Mono,” Hassett rounded out a formidable defensive squad.  On offense, Perry Clarkson and Jo Romano were followed by the pairings of Big Tim Fergusson and Mike “Cheeeeeeks” Chirico. Last but not least were Paul “Sweet Hands” Suyumov and the first-year forward Ben Blumberg.  Making his return to league play was first year prodigy Sergei Markov at backstop.


The Game: The title is no misnomer. This game turned into folly fast. In the opening minutes after substantial pressure by GT, veteran defenseman Sumesh Sadarangani (76) found himself backing into a 3 on 1. With the puck out to the goalie’s left at the circles, 76 covered passing lanes to the slot and far post. A wild toss in front of the net connected with 76’s foot and ricocheted between Markov’s feet, putting GT down 0-1. Showing exactly why he was signed to an extension this year, Big Tim scored from just below the right circle with a surgical snipe low and to the far post. Somehow or another Team Filth , as they would for the remainder of the game, found themselves unwrapping gifts of bouncing pucks and strange-errant passes. Again, they pulled ahead 2-1. Prolific forward Perry Clarkson (10) created his own breakaway, stealing the rebound and calmly putting GT back to even at 2-2. The teams traded a few goals. Of note was a near replication of the Big-Tim goal in the first period, this one by gritty forward Jo Romano in the second period. The follies continued. GT’s hired gun Frankie Warren embarrassed Team Filth’s entire squad on several occasions only to ring the puck of the crossbar and both posts a total of 4 times. Other GT players also found the post with frustrating frequency. A second odd-man rush again found 76 flat on his ass with the puck going over his shoulder and that of Markov to add to the lead by Team Filth. In the end, Great Taste continued to uphold their reputation for gentlemanly play (no offense MF) and congratulated Team Filth on their 8-4 victory. The team chalked up the loss as character building and largely due to bad bounces and hit posts. The loss was quickly forgotten as Great Taste began focusing on their next Challenge, the long-awaited intra-club matchup between Great Taste and sister-team Less Filling.


Penalties: There was only one penalty during the entire game. A blatant check on a Team Filth forward (who was also being nailed by Warren), cost Sadarangani 2 minutes for interference. There was no argument by the vocal defenseman. Great Taste successfully killed the penalty.

AP embedded reporter, Sumesh “too tired to come up with a nickname” Sadarangani


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