Great Taste: Game 1

The lineup: Starting goaltender Sergei Markov was unable to play due to undisclosed reasons. Instead, sister-team Less Filling’s goaltender, Christian Hoogerheyde dressed for the first game of the Spring 2010, Marple D-south season. The defensive core consisted of Joe “Jo-Ro” Romano and Vince Foring for the first pairing, followed by Frankie “Shut-down” Warren and Sumesh Sadarangani. The offense rotated 5 forwards: Perry Clarkson, Matt Seidman, Kenny Glennon, Paul Suyumov, and Mike “Cheeks” Chirico.

Game Summary: While the game started on or about on time, Great Taste did not. At least three players including the goaltender did not make the starting faceoff. At approximately 5 minutes in, and at a score of 2-2 the even matchup began. Having not played in several months and missing warm-ups, veteran netminder Hoogerheyde found himself at the wrong end of a bad bounce on a change-up, high to the glove side. With the score 3-2, Great Taste began to find their stride. Perry scored, but who wants to hear about that. Sumesh scored, taking a pass from the right to left at the top of the circles, number 76 calmly walked in and sniped one underneath the falling goaltender to give Great Taste a 4-3 lead. Siedman and Warren both scored as did Suyumov, but this sportswriter’s memory starts to flag after the highlight reel goal by 76. There were no more important scoring events in the game.

Penalty Summary: Suyumov went for 2 minutes for playing defense against a person who did not know how to skate; the call was tripping. Frankie Warren used his face to draw a penalty for elbowing. Sumesh had no penalties.

Final Score: 8-4 Great Taste

Disclamer: a number of the details in this story were likely confabulated and should be corroborated with reliable sources before being taken as fact.

– Sumesh “The Violator” Sadarangani

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