How To Win at Latest Betting Sites

Unlike other gambling activities sport betting is the most complicated one as it allows a lot lesser time as compared, to consider the odds in favor. Also, it is difficult comparing the prices with various bookmakers in the UK in such a short span of time. But even after all this, people do make money and a lot of money in this business. Of course there are some who do lose but to win, you need to work out a proper plan and have a good technical know-how of the game and always keep in mind that only gamble, if you can afford to lose the game. Read this article and learn more about hockey betting.

One of the biggest mistakes that a sports bettor makes while making a bet is no proper understanding of the Maths. Without appropriate assessment of the odds that are being offered, people only try to exercise who may win and just place their bet on that team only. One needs to understand the value of odds before placing their bet; such decisions cannot be made simply by a flip of a coin. Also, one must have a fairly good idea of the sport in which they are planning to put money on. It definitely helps if you understand the game well and are able to evaluate the situation well. This is what creates a difference between the winners and the losers; the winners know their math and their game perfectly.

Last but not the least, point to remember is to know your own losing capacity and always putting up the stakes to that extent only. Gambling is an extremely addictive game and may lead you to raising a bet more than one can afford. Hence, know your limits and understand that it is only with discipline and patience that one can succeed in anything.

Penn Tier 1 Season Recap

Looking to defend its 2013 PCRHL championship, Penn lost to St. Joseph’s in the PCRHL Tier 1 finals. Nevertheless, the team had another successful season and is eager to rejoin the ECRHA for the 2014-2015 season. New players interested in joining the club for the 2014-2015 season should email for additional information. Tryouts will be held in September.

Penn Tier 1 Headed Back to the PCRHL Finals!

After a dominant 5-2 win in the semi-finals this past weekend against Drexel, Penn’s Tier 1 team is mirroring last year’s championship season and is headed back to the PCRHL finals! The team is looking to secure its second consecutive Brennan Cup against St. Joes’ Tier 1 team. Penn was the only team in the PCRHL with a winning record over St. Joes, winning 2 out of 3.

The best-of-3 series will be played this Sunday night, May 4th, at Marple Sports Arena. Games are scheduled for 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm (if needed).

Start of Marple Fall Leagues This Week

Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams will each play their first game in Marple’s fall leagues this week. On Thursday, Tier 2, also known as City Sushi in Marple’s E league, plays their first game at 7:30pm. Tier 1, also known as City Wok, begins on Monday in Marple’s C South league. The jump up to C South presents a challenge the club has not faced in a few years and proves that the club is on the rise coming off a championship season.